The participant of the winter trail Ledňáček with BEST4RUN by registration, by paying the starting fee and joining the race and by taking over ID chip agrees with the following rules:

The race participant runs the route with the starting number on the chest and the electronic chip, otherwise it will not be classified in the finish.

Starting numbers are the property of the organizer up to the end of the race and may not be edited, are bound to the application and are not transferable to another person.

Only competitors who will run the entire marked route of the race will be classified.

The race is held under any conditions unless the organizer decides otherwise.

The measuring electronic chip is obliged to keep the competitor all the time in the race mounted above the ankle, the chips are the property of the organizer and the competitor is obliged to submit the chip to the timekeepers / organizers at the end of the race. In the event that the competitor does not submit the chip to the organizer after the event, the organizer is entitled to recover the amount of 500,- CZK after the competitor.

The competitor has the required knowledge of the sport in the chosen discipline and confirms that is physically and mentally competent to participate in the discipline. The participant takes note of the organizer's recommendation to have an individual medical examination before the race!

The participant of the race is aware that the organizer is responsible only for the permission to use the venue for the competition, especially the starting and the finish, Cross Aréna Přerov, Přerov 141, 751 24 Přerov, but is not responsible and does not provide any guarantee for the status of the tracks, their function or specific conditions of competition due to weather or other peculiarities. If a public road, field, field trip, road or other traffic area is required during a race, the participant takes note of the road traffic rules to be observed on such roads.

A participant in the race is aware of the consequences associated with his participation in the competition at his own responsibility and danger, in particular that he is not entitled to claim financial performance or claim other claims in the event of any injury or other damage suffered by a participant in connection with participation in race. The organizer is not responsible for, and does not cover, the damage caused to the health, the life of the competitor, the competitor's property during the whole event of the winter trail Ledňáček with BEST4RUN, or during any training and accompanying events. A participant participates in the race at his own risk and at his expense.

He acknowledges that the organizer does not assume responsibility for damage to a participant's deferred activity during a competition unless these are taken over by the organizer in custody as opposed to a written confirmation, and only in exceptional cases.

He is informed that no special insurance has been entered into by the organizer for damages caused to the participant in connection with the competition.

The participant of the race was thoroughly informed about the course of the race and the specifics of the training options (pre-race assurance) as well as other related hazards, so participation in the race depends only on the weight of the race participant.

The participant of the event was well acquainted with the organizer and received all information regarding the race, rules, safety, fair play and other conditions of the race, as well as eventual consequences with the participation of the team.

The race participant will follow the organizer's instructions and adhere to local rules throughout the event.

The participant does not suffer from any serious illness or serious illness.

The participant of the race takes note that before, during and after the race no one is authorized to shoot, record on the video camera or otherwise record the course of a sports competition without the prior agreement of the organizer and proper accreditation, except for making records for their own purposes and needs.

The entrant agrees to adhere to branding at the organizer's designated places or within his or her person, sports equipment, accessories. Overlay of promotional banners is prohibited.

Sending an application through the internet and paying a starting fee will replace the subscriber's written signature on the paper application.

Entry fee is irreversible. In case of non-participation, the starting fee is not refunded. If the race could not be done because of a natural disaster, an epidemic, the starting fee is also not refunded.

Entry fee is irreversible. You can forward it to another racer (pleas send us the email on You can forward the entry fee for free to 13th of Januray 2019 (after that day the charge is 100,- CZK).  You can´t forward the entry fee in the day of race.

The participant of the race through its registration gives its consent to the registration of its personal data at the organizer of the event in accordance with the relevant provisions of Czech law. This data will only be used for event logging and will be provided to event partners who can reach out to their competitors with their offers of services and products and will be properly protected under the applicable law. These are the personal details given in the registration form, namely: name, surname, date of birth, gender, address, email, mobile. The registered participant of the race has the right to revoke his consent by e-mail to

Participant of the race agrees that participation and sporting performance in the event is recorded by the organizer or person by the organizer, provided that the participant grants permission to the organizer of the competition to have audiovisual recordings or photographs created before, during and after the sporting event by the organizer or by a third party designated by him, in all manner specified in the Czech law, for the purpose of presenting this race, without any payment by the participant.